Using Relationships to Improve Community

We are experts in relationship building! We focus on this because we believe people don’t learn from people they don’t like. When you are in the business of growing people the first thing to remember is we are all unique. Mentoring is all we do. We encourage you to look at the best way we can build a relationship with you

Online Learning


  • Olweus CYO (Community Youth Organization) Anti-bullying
  • Empathic Listening
  • Restorative Practice: Successful Outreach by Climbing the Relational-care Ladder
  • Parenting Students in a Pandemic
  • 21st Century Education: Learning Over Schooling
  • Helping vs. Hurting: Impact of Trauma in Faith-based Communities
  • Mind, Body, Spirit: Health & Wellness in the 21st Century
  • Do I need a Health Coach?: Health Coach=Goal Coach
  • The Science of Well-being


Dr. H. Jean Wright II, PsyD

My passion for service manifests in helping to solve problems in the
vast arena of behavioral health and wellness, specifically, in the mental health field, and particularly in
the faith-based community.

In 2015, when I published my first book, Find Strength In Your Struggle: Discover The Miracle In You; I
knew that God was calling me to do something unique in the mental health space with the talents, gifts,
and ability that he gave me… and more importantly, I also discovered that he gave me a HEART for the
work of developing and providing practical solution-focused supports and resources to meet people in
need where they are. I see a clear need for comprehensive strategic plans to serve humanity in the behavioral health and wellness space by providing education, training, consultation, and support services to individuals, organizations, and communities to improve behavioral health outcomes.

Lissette Reyes Wright, MAPC, HC

A health coach is a goal coach. It is with this in mind I continually advocate for more wellness education and application. I want people to understand the simple truth about nutrition and its role in our everyday life. Our bodies are truly temples and gifts from God. Wellness should always be holistic and health coaching gives me an opportunity to help others see in themselves what a lack of care has kept hidden.

Darryl E. Allen, MPM

Woohoo! I don’t know of anything better than meeting new people and helping them grow. In 2013 I was the recipient of the MCMC’s The Pioneer Award “for blazing a trail of hope by promoting and advocating mentoring…” I have conducted staff development seminars and professional development workshops throughout North America. In 2012 I published my first book, The Dynamic Mentoring Primer that is endorsed by Thom McKenna, National Director (Ret.) of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. It was a pivot in an amazing journey of project management and service. I stay excited to share methods and tools in the fields of Restorative Practices and Empathic Listening. Today is a great day!

Cliff M. Wright Jr

As a Leader, Non-Traditional Educator, Mentor, and Public Speaker. I have devoted my life to growing and empowering leaders young and old for Christ. With over 23 years’ combined experience in organization management, facilitated mentoring, social-emotional leadership, and education. I have focused my entire educational career on Adventist Education. Serving in several capacities from elementary, secondary, higher learning, conference administration, and consulting has provided me with a comprehensive outlook. Mentoring is all I do! This is because I believe that true mentorship is discipleship and discipleship is the education of life.