Impact vs. NonProfit

We consider CARES Learning Partnership an Impact Organization. We are a 501c3 entity that needs to be profitable to sustain our impact in the community. We pride ourselves on using sound business practices to help us maximize every donation.

Whether it is large financial grants or smaller in-kind resource donations we consider ourselves stewards of the gifts we receive. We believe our greatest appreciation is shown by using the support given to maximize impact and sustainability.

The FIVE Pillars of CARES Learning Partnership


We don’t have to agree, but we must be agreeable in our dealings with one another. We are not a faith-based organization. We are an organization run by people of faith. Our desire is for every person and organization who engages with us to experience the love of Christ through our expression of practical, exemplar, and authentic service.


If each person makes positive changes in the portion of the world they live in and has the agency to impact change then the world is indeed forever changed for the better. We build agency through awareness, acquisition, and application.


We believe leaders are developed through challenges and support, but leaders must take ownership of every decision. Words matter just as much as actions, and our footprint in our community and the organizations we partner with must be monitored and considered when working to accomplish our vision of making the world a better place to live. 


We believe that learning is the work of a lifetime and school is bigger than a classroom. Our TRAVERSE program implements an approach that values differences and strives to support developing learners in such a way that they can bring their gifts to fruition while, at the same time, learning to cope with their challenges. 


Love is an action word. To love one’s life is to live a life of service to others. we are devoted to serving in mediation, conflict resolution, restorative practices, and social-emotional leadership.


The CARES Learning Partnership is a 501(c)(3) organization formed to enhance and complement the ongoing programming and capital improvements of the GGA CARES Campus.


A learning epicenter, providing training, education, and professional development, helping people to serve as change agents in their community, organization, church, or home!


To provide long-term, sustainable support and capital improvements on the GGA CARES Campus by providing social-emotional, wellness, organizational behavior, and restorative practice programming.

We CAN change the world!

Education is broader than the classroom. We have an exciting opportunity to provide coaching, training, and services to help the people who help people in Oakland and the world for many years to come.

Quality Results

Our goal is to help the leaders of today learn to take care of themselves today.  We take great pride in providing quality training and exceptional support from end to end (awareness to application) for every single offering. We’re absolutely here for you.

Experienced Staff

The facilitators at CARES work as a team to exceed each of your expectations. We have experts dedicated to helping people grow. A clinical and forensic psychologist to validate, deliver and consult on methods and offerings. Project Managers are nationally certified Health Coaches, and Educators, all with proven experience in education, nutrition, wellness, restorative practices, mediation, and social-emotional leadership. Have questions? Contact us!

Words From Our Clients…