Leading with Empathy


This seminar is designed to be in-person (one-day 6-8hours) or virtual (two-day min, preferable 3-day format).
It also comes with a certificate of completion. It includes topics covering: Managing complex change, and how to identify the difference between espoused values and values in use. This is an emotional intelligence skill builder.

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This seminar covers the importance of self-care, understanding the change grief curve, and how to manage complex change. The unique design is intentional about providing tools that leaders can use immediately and provides access to our growing community of current leaders.

  • Connect – Lead with “core values”. Enhance your leadership skills through experiential learning scenarios
  • Grow – Evaluate organizational performance using data. Take advantage of an opportunity to grow your Professional Learning Network (PLN).
  • Learn – Self-care is foundational to change management. Create your own self-care plan.


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