Leadership skills without relationship skills have little value.

Organizational Excellence: We define Organizational Excellence as an organization that is healthy and well in three key areas: healthy individuals, healthy teams, and healthy processes. We intentionally use the terms health and wellness because people make up organizations. Successful social-emotional leaders recognize the importance of taking care of themselves with self-care plans and proper life management. They work to hire, train, coach, and mentor individuals to create teams that are collaborative, diverse, and equitable. Finally, they implement processes organizationally that create a positive, engaged working culture. This is organizational behavior and organizational development all-in-one.

We combine CASEL’s Social and Emotional competencies, Daniel Goleman’s work on Emotional Intelligence, and methods in Restorative Practices with our Pragmatic Framework to provide a unique learning experience for our clients.


Most experiences have not only been moved to a virtual
model they seemingly have less impact. The Virtual
Listening Circle is different. It takes advantage of
technology to create a safe space for authentic sharing
and growth. Participants are guided through prompts
concerning; compassion, connection, curiosity, and
community (The 4 C’s)
Good listening requires structure, and technology, in this
instance, provides it in a way that enhances the time together.


Social and Emotional Leadership is about developing leadership skills in the 5 competencies of S.E.L. Self-awareness, Self-management, Social Awareness, Relationships, and Decision Making.

The Pragmatic Framework provides leaders a systematic approach to assess and strengthen their school, organization, or church through a collaborative approach with their staff, board, and stakeholders.


Organizational behavior and organizational development all-in-one. Organizational behavior is a field of systematic study that endeavors to understand, explain, predict, and change human behavior as it occurs in the organizational context. Organizational development is the process employed to continually attain organizational goals and objectives. Transforming culture involves social-emotional leaders that can manage complex change with empathy.



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